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You have between hands, a new « Notebook of journey » for to discover the symbolic and behavioral language of 96 colors. He(it) is sold with the game(set,play) 96 cards(maps) who allows to know each other(to be self-aware) better, to act with full knowledge of the facts, to put himself in movement and in a linen bag specially conceived(designed) in India.

Size of the bag containing the notebook and the game(set,play) of 96 cards(maps): 14 x 20 cms.

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William Berton’s discoveries are of a big sharpness(delicacy), a clarity(brightness) and a spirituality. It is one of the first explorers of the consciousness to have known how to throw(cast) the bridge(deck) between colors and behavior, moods. He(It) presents commented editions(drawings), to explore the various themes:

Present and opportunity of the moment ?

How be transformed? How are you? What is the energy of your house? Personality test. Be made of new friends. The evolution of a relation. The door which closes, an other one opens. The fishhook. The personal legend. Wake your loving desire. How to solve a problem? Go out of the confusion.

This notebook is practised. He brings innovative solutions which open the spirit and let in on the same level at the heart of the present, in the « high time » of the striking understanding making act.

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